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About Community Service Help

Our mission at Community Service Texas has always been to provide an alternative to court ordered community service that would not only reduce the stress on the lives of at-risk participants, but also to help them feel empowered through providing them with a positive model of self improvement and self education.

Our goal has been to give this opportunity to all segments within Texas communities and to give simple access to an alternative to traditional community service to everyone that has found it too difficult and stressful to complete a standard community service program. We have been able to attain this goal over time and we have served individuals that come from all segments of our society. In fact this program is expanding beyond the borders of Texas and into the rest of the nation as local community organizations, courts, and charities discover that there can be a rehabilitative alternative to community service that will serve the community as well as the participant.

Community Service Texas uses this model of educational classes as the core method by which we can make a difference in the lives of those that are not only most at-risk in our communities, but those that are at a critical point in their lives. At-risk individuals that have been sentenced to community service are normally those that have made some bad life decisions, but these decisions are borderline and not worthy of incarceration. As a result if we can use the proven method of rehabilitation through education and subject these at-risk individuals to the concepts of self-education and empowerment, we can likely improve their lives and make a positive difference in their future.

It is this critical point where the community, charities, and the courts can combine their efforts to hopefully save a person from making further bad decisions that will inevitably lead them further down a path of more serious criminal behavior and sentencing.

We Will Save You Money

It is hard difficult to add up how much serving community service in Texas can cost an individual because every situation is different. But from the feedback we have received from customers, the cost is far beyond the gas money it takes to go back and forth to service each day. Recently we had a customer that talked to us about how our program saved her from violating the court and skipping her service entirely. Susan told us that she could not find anyplace to do her service that would accept her on weekends. As a result she was going to have to take off work and because she normally uses work provided daycare she was going to have to pay for a babysitter. This was all in addition to the gas money it was going to cost her to go to and from the charity. All in all she said that it was going to cost her $1695 to serve her 90 hour sentence. She told us there was no way she could have lost that much money and still paid her rent and utilities. As a result her plan was to violate the court and beg mercy in the future. The good thing is that she did find our program and it cost less than $50. Not only that, she told us the amount of pressure it took off her shoulders was tremendous. Using our program saves money and will give you a much needed boost in correcting past errors and moving on with your life.

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